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17 Responses to Ask the Booth

  1. Gary Yacks

    Hey Mick –

    Who do you foresee as the most formidable foe for the Smokies this season?? What is the pitching rotation after Cashner and Papelbon?? Looking forward to next week as the weather looks promising for the East Tennessee area, so hopefully, the Smokies can come home and put on a good show next weekend…..



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  3. Kyle Campbell

    Hey guys,

    Great job and thanks again for your broadcasts each and every game. One of my best friends, Steve Clevenger and I grew up playing together and while I don’t get down to see him play, I follow each game online with you all. Best wishes to you all, the Tennessee Smokies, and Steve Clevenger.

    Take care enjoy the rest of your afternoon after another big win!

    Kyle Campbell

    Baltimore, Maryland

  4. Kyle Campbell

    WOW!! Wish I could have seen the play at the plate! Great JOB CLEVY!!

  5. Hey Mick,
    Are the fans in TN calling Tony Campana “White Lightning” thats what we called him here!!!

  6. Gary Yacks

    Mick —

    Can you explain the rule regarding a pitcher going to their mouth while they are on the bump….I thought that they were not allowed to go to their mouth while on the dirt portion of the mound….However, watching games on tv, and even games at Smokies Park, I have seen the pitcher go to their mouth with their pitching hand….Isn’t it an automatic ball on the batter adn the second and further violation during the same game, could lead to an ejection. I understand if the weather is cold and/or windy, the umpires may make an exception, but it was 75 degrees when I saw it happen at Smokies Park during the Chattanooga series…..

    Also, who is the first base coach for Chattanooga?? He was wearing #8 when at Smokies Park a couple of weeks ago and was really animated….Really enjoyed carrying on a conversation with him between innings…..

    Oh, and I know its not my place to correct the master, but I am compelled to relate to you that the major league stadium in Detroit is no longer Tiger Stadium….It is now Comerica Park…..But, I do remember Tiger Stadium from days gone by….


    Gary Yacks

  7. Gary Yacks

    Mick — Another tidbit of baseball history that happened today:

    It was 71 years ago today in Detroit that Lou Gehrig told his manager, Joe McCarthy, “I want you to take me out of the lineup,” which he did due to the fatigue, brought on by what was soon to be diagnosed as ALS, that would end his life exactly 25 months later. Before then, “The Iron Horse” became the first professional athlete to eve…r have his uniform number retired (on January 6, 1940) and, more poignantly, delivered “baseball’s Gettysburg address,” as his Farewell Speech was later termed, on July 4, 1939 during Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day. The everlasting image from that day is of Gehrig preparing to speak into a mass of microphones, a photo of which is framed in this 27½” x 28½” keepsake by Mounted Memories, which includes excerpts from the speech by “the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

  8. Gary

    Jim — It seems like the floodgates have opened…..Welcome back to Kodak and we are excited to hear your broadcast tonight of the new look Tennessee Smokies….Definately going to need a scorecard to recognize all the changes, but I am very pleased for Castro’s promotion to the Cubbies…Not so excited about losing Cashner, but I understand that’s the name of the game in Double A….Hopefully, the new guys will take this advantage of coming to one of the hottest teams in baseball right now and make it even more exciting….Really excited about Josh Vitters arrival, although from everything we have heard, he might not be with us long himself….All I can say is no matter whose name is on the back of the jersies, its the name on the front that matters….GO SMOKIES!!!!

    Gary Yacks

  9. Gary

    Great job tonight Roger! Who keeps up the gameday? When not at game, I watch gameday and listen online.

  10. Adam Henderson

    I thank you guys (Mick, Roger,) for all you do on smokies radio good luck going forward with your broadcasting careers. GO SMOKIES

  11. Gary Yacks

    Hey Mick –

    Why does it seem easier for the shortstop to catch a flyball down the left field line than it is for the second baseman to catch a flyball down the right field line???

  12. Gary Yacks

    Mick — Do y9u feel that Bill Dancy is going to hold off the horses the last 2 games of the series since the Smokies and along those same lines, do you feel that the Cubs will have a firehouse sale at the trading deadline??

    I sure hope not….I sure hope that the Cubs will turn it around….


  13. Stephen

    Hey Mick,
    I enjoy your broadcasts. I’m old but a novice fan. I think it would be useful to explain how the ERA is calculated frequently. Is a low number good or bad? What does an ERA of 5 mean?


  14. Gary Yacks

    Mick –

    Why didnt Tony Thomas and Matt Spencer make the All Star team?? Can they still be announced as a replacement for Ty Wright???

    Sure wish they would let the fans vote for the All Star team…..


  15. Gary

    Mick –

    Is there going to be any media coverage of the All Star game? I know you won’t be doing the broadcast, but was wondering if there was going to be any at all that we might be able to listen to the game….


    p.s. Happy 4th to everyone with the Smokies….Will be there on Monday night and Tuesday afternoon….

  16. Gary

    Well, here we are on the cusp of the playoffs and the final starting pitcher from the beginning of the year is now in Iowa and we just keep on winning. Trey McNutt sounds like he is ready for AA, and I sure hope so..

    Question of the day is how is Pinella’s sudden retirement today going to affect the minor league managers and coaches? Do you think Bill Dancy might be part of the fallout, especially if Ryno is called up as third base coach of the Cubs?

    Next question, do you foresee Geovanny Soto coming back to the Smokies this fall for a rehab assignment? If he comes back, would he be eligible for the playoffs if it was during that time frame?

    I know the minor leagues are a training ground for players, but how about broadcasters? If Bob Brenly gets the Cubs managers job, are you going to move up to Chicago as the next broadcaster next to Ron Santo? Just wondering.

    I am listening intently tonight to the broadcast, since I have to work, but will be back at Smokies Park next Friday, Saturday and Sunday and at least for the first 2 playoff games.


  17. Kristine

    Wondering why Steve Clevenger hasn’t been played the last few games. Will he be playing in the playoffs?

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